"Our success over the years reaffirms our belief in the way we do business. The bottom line is this: the only way that Newport succeeds is through our performance over time. Period."

Ken Holeski, President
Newport Investment Advisors, Inc.

Newport Investment Advisors has developed a number of programs to meet the needs of a diverse group of investors. The following is a representative sample of our programs including a fixed income program, equity program and combination program. Please call us for additional detail on any of these or other Newport programs.

Flexible Bond

Newport Investment Advisors Flexible Bond program is our longest established and most popular program. It is designed to preserve capital while attmepting to outperform market indexes and other bond fund managers. It is an excellent choice to balance a more aggressive portfolio. This program is also very popular for retirement plans, investors nearing retirement, and for more risk averse investors. The primary objectives of this program are preservation of capital and income. The secondary objective of the program is appreciation. Utilizing Newport's sophisticated bond timing models and strategy, this program continually outperforms the market.

Flexible Equity

Like our Flexible Bond program, Newport's equity programs are managed utilizing our proprietary reactive allocation models. When market conditions are favorable, the strategy invests in equity mutual funds exhibiting strong relative strength. This program is designed for a slightly more aggressive investor who still desires to protect capital. The primary objective of these programs is capital appreciation. The secondary objective is preservation of capital.

Flexible Bond Plus

Newport's Flexible Bond Plus is a unique program that combines the solid, consistent performance of our Flexible Bond Program with a boost from the stock market. We accomplish stock market-like returns without taking the risk of a buy and hold stock market strategy by taking advantage of well established seasonal influences. The primary objective ofthis program is income. Its secondary objectives are appreciation and preservation of capital.