"In terms of stock and bond investing, there is no more liquid means of participation than mutual funds...the commitment of professional investors to the mutual fund marketplace has expanded in recent years about as much as the commitment of individual investors."
-Michael D. Hirsch
"Multifund Investing"

Superior performing mutual funds are an ideal vehicle for Newport’s investment approach. In 1973 the mutual fund industry introduced money market accounts with conversion privileges within a family of funds. This important development permitted efficient and immediate liquidation of mutual fund shares in exchange for shares of the money market fund within that fund’s family without transaction costs. Conservative investors were now able to use the family of funds concept to reenter the market to take advantage of the favorable uptrends and convert to safe, interest-bearing money market funds during down markets. Mutual funds also provide the following benefits:
  • Professional management
  • Proven performance
  • All assets are held in safekeeping by a major financial institution
  • Low fees
  • Assets can be readily converted within a family of funds with little or no transaction costs
  • Complete liquidity


Only client may access money
Newport does not have custody of client’s funds or securities
The account registration always stays in client name and only the client may liquidate the account
Client may terminate advisory agreement with Newport at any time