"I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money"
Will Rogers

Step One: Client selects a mutual fund family that meets his objectives.
Step Two: Client signs Advisory Agreement which provides Newport a limited power of attorney only to switch investments within the selected fund family.
Step Three: When market conditions dictate Newport exercises authority to move client assets to the money market fund during price declines and reenter the most promising fund once the downward trend is over and prices have started to rise.
Step Four: Within days of a transaction the client receives confirmations directly from the fund family.


Monthly Reporting:

Each month the mutual fund family will send you a monthly statement summarizing any transactions or income reinvestments within your account. The statement will reflect the market value of your account. Remember you may call the mutual fund family on any day to check your account’s value or current investment positions.
Quarterly Reporting:

Newport will send you a comprehensive report at the end of each calendar quarter. This report will show your quarter-end market value, fund holdings, and fee expenses. A letter discussing our view of the markets will also be enclosed with your quarterly report.
Yearly Reporting:

Each mutual fund will furnish you with a Form 1099 necessary for your tax return preparation. In addition, Newport will send you a comprehensive summary necessary for tax return preparation reflecting portfolio adjustments that occurred within the calendar year.





"There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate; when he can’t afford it and when he can"

Mark Twain

How does the conservative investor manage investment risks in a complex world full of accelerating changes? Many investors need 10-15% rates of return to achieve their financial goals. CD’s and money market funds are comfortable to own but current interest rates just don’t build capital quickly enough.

Our investment approach, as you know by now, focuses upon asset protection by avoiding declining markets that historically always occur. We are controlling risk in a way that mutual funds cannot. That is why our investment approach can be thought of as a "safety net".

Capital preservation, by sidestepping market declines, and enhanced capital growth, by being invested in the most promising funds during rising markets, are the objectives of our active mutual fund management advisory service.

We all know that markets do not move in one direction forever.

If you desire increased "peace of mind" and feel that your hard earned investments could benefit from our conservative approach, consult your investment advisor or contact us directly.