"Get them to give you a transcript of what they have actually done. If they take losses, and small losses, quickly, and let their profits run, give them a gold star. If they take their profits quickly and let their losses run, don't go near them."

-Phillip Fisher

Prices of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and variable annuities constantly rise and fall and market volatility has increased in recent years. Our investment management approach does not attempt to be predictive of market direction but instead is able to identify, in the early stages, changes in market direction. During periods of price decline all client accounts are positioned in safe, interest-bearing cash equivalents to avoid potential losses of capital. The importance of avoiding major price declines becomes especially clear during years such as 1987, when severe losses forced many investors to reevaluate their investment strategies. Capital preservation, reduced risk and enhanced return are the important benefits of our approach that allows participation in rising markets through superior performing mutual funds while avoiding major declines. Because Newport carefully monitors client positions our clients have enjoyed increased "peace of mind" as well as the economic advantages of our active investment management approach. Superior performing mutual funds have produced above average annual returns over recent times; yet surprisingly few investors have achieved these results. Why ? .... because prices of bonds and stocks fluctuate each day and sometimes wildly. Many investors simply don’t have the courage to continue to hold volatile mutual funds over a sustained period in time.

When this market volatility occurs, most investors lose their nerve and liquidate at the worst possible time. Newport’s objective is to help clients achieve above-average long-term investment returns. . . but with much less risk.


Newport’s Principal Investment Objectives

bullet Preservation of capital
bullet Lower risk and reduced volatility
bullet Enhanced returns; outperform buy and hold strategies




  Newport Investment Advisors, Inc. was founded in July, 1988 by Kenneth M. Holeski, President and Chief Investment Officer. The company serves a diverse list of clients, which includes individuals, businesses, labor unions, non-profit institutions, endowments and charitable organizations and retirement plans. Prior to 1988, Mr. Holeski was the Chief Investment Officer of another registered investment advisor.

Newport Investment Advisors, Inc. has received national recognition for its performance, principally in the area of fixed income asset management. Newport Investment Advisors has been recognized for its historical performance in various publications including BARRON'S, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY and CNBC.


  Depending on the investment program chosen, Newport directs client monies to mutual fund families that are top performing and well managed. We use a proprietary trend-following decision model to determine appropriate times to be invested in the bond and/or stock funds and which funds are performing best at that period of time. When conditions are not favorable, Newport seeks the safety of money market funds to lock in gains and preserve capital. Mr. Holeski developed our decision models over a ten-year period of time and all accounts in any program, regardless of the size of the account, managed by the company are invested using the system for that program.

Different investment strategies may be utilized for stocks based on the client's objectives (income, growth, and aggressive growth). In addition to our fundamental investment timing model, we offer creative seasonal investment modeling for increased performance, several stock programs in addition to an asset allocation program.



Kenneth M. Holeski, President

Mr. Holeski is the founder and sole shareholder of Newport Investment Advisors, Inc. Mr. Holeski has over twenty five years experience in the financial services industry.

Mr. Holeski's educational background includes a BBA in Accounting from Cleveland State University. Upon completion of college studies, Mr. Holeski qualified for and received his Certificate of Public Accountancy (CPA). His employment as a CPA included several years at Ernst & Young before leaving to found NIA. Mr. Holeski has been a speaker to various professional organizations over the years and has appeared on CNBC on the Sqwak Box when he was named one of the top stock mutual fund managers in the United States past performance is no guarantee of future success.