What makes Newport different from other Money Managers?

  Newportıs highest priority for clientıs assets is preservation of capital. Therefore, when market conditions are not favorable, Newport switches the money invested in the stock or bond funds into the money market funds to preserve capital and lock in gains.

Who makes the switches?


Newport makes the switches on the client's behalf. Confirmations are sent by the fund within a few days notifying the client of any changes in the portfolio.


May I terminate my involvement at any time?


Will my investment be held in a safe place?

  Yes, each mutual fund employs a major financial institution as custodian of the fund’s assets on behalf of fund shareholders. Every dollar of your account will at all times be held in your name in an insured custodial account.

What is the extent of control Newport has over a client’s account?

  Newport can only transfer an account between a money market fund and your chosen fund. If you wish to liquidate the account or withdraw any sum of money, you and only you, may do so. Newport has no authority to perform these functions. The account registration always stays in your name.

Is Newport registered?

  Yes, Newport is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investors Advisors Act of 1940.

Can I withdraw funds if I need it?

  Yes, you may withdraw funds in any amount at any time.

Can I arrange withdrawals on a regular basis?

  Yes, automatic withdrawal plans are available on a monthly or quarterly basis by indicating the amount on your account application. You may change this amount at any time.

What is the minimum amount I may have managed?

  The minimum managed account is $25,OOO.

May I add to my account?


Can Newport guarantee results?

  No, but Newport can guarantee that your account will always either be in a money market fund or your chosen fund. Remember, most of our program’s principal objective is to generate above-average investment returns while protecting capital during market downturns.

How many times during a year can I expect Newport to safely invest my assets in a money market fund?

  During the course of an average year fund shares will be exchanged 3-4 times for money market fund shares.

What multual fund families can Newport manage?

  Newport works with a most top performing mutual fund families and variable annuities.

Why is this money management approach sometimes considered to be a "safety net" strategy?

  The objective of the investment style is to provide discipline by seeking the safety of a money market fund during falling price trends.  Past performance in no guarantee of future results, but investors may review how the strategy has performed during many uncertain times in the past to gain confidence in how it may perform in the future.  Our goal is to learn from the past and benefit in the future.  We may not meet our goal.

How did Newport clients do during the 1987 crash?

  All clients in equity funds were 100% in cash prior to October 19, 1987.  This result was achieved by Newport's founder while acting as the chief investment officer at his predecessor firm.  Newport was founded in April of 1989.

May I place my existing mutual accounts under your management?

  Yes, please contact us for a current list of manageable funds.

Are the costs of exchanging mutual fund shares for a money market fund burdensome?

  No, because Newport stays within the same fund family there are no significant costs to speak of at the mutual fund and minimal ticket charges only in brokerage accounts.

How will I know how my account is doing?

  1) You will receive a confirmation directly from the mutual fund family or brokerage account after each transaction.

2) You will receive a monthly statement from the brokerage or a statement directly from the mutual fund family typically quarterly.

3) You may call the mutual fund family’s toll free phone line at any time to determine your account’s value or investment positions or review it via the web.

4) Newport will send you a comprehensive quarterly report summarizing your account’s performance.

5) You may call Newport at any time to discuss your account.


What are your fees?

  Management fees are calculated using the market value of your account at the end of each quarter.  Please request a copy of Newport's SEC Form ADV Part II

What about tax information regarding my investment?

  You will receive year-end 1099’s for each fund that you owned during a fiscal year. Annually Newport will furnish you all additional information necessary for tax return preparation.

May I allocate my money between bond funds and stock funds?

  Yes.  Accounts may be balanced to meet client risk profiles and objectives.

May I change my investment objective?

  Yes, you may change your investment objective at any time.

Does Newport manage variable annuities?

  Yes ! Newport can manage certain popular annuities, provided there are no burdensome exchange restrictions. Newport can also manage some variable life insurance policies.

What if I have a special request or problem or need further information?
  You may call our offices and we will be happy assist you.